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The Bugatti Owners’ Club and The Bugatti Trust
at The Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show present 

The Magnificent Type 57 Bugattis

November 9th to 11th 2018 NEC Hall 1 Stand 325

For 2018 The Bugatti Owners’ Club and the Bugatti Trust, will jointly be displaying a selection of very rare and unique Type 57 and Type 57S Bugattis. The Type 57 was Bugatti’s last successful touring car before the end of the factory and, although carrying over much of Ettore’s engineering thinking, developed over the previous 20 years, it was exquisitely designed by his talented son, Jean, although Ettore may have vetoed some of the younger man’s avant garde thinking.

The Type 57 was both a technical and commercial success for Bugatti at a time when selling luxury sporting cars was not easy. Le Mans victories in 1937 and 1939, using versions of the Type 57 developed for sports car racing, must have helped but the stylish, Jean Bugatti designed bodies would have been an important influence on sales. The bodies had names related to mountain passes including Galibier for the four-door saloon, Ventoux to the semi-streamlined two door saloon, Stelvio for the drophead and the Atalante for the two-seater coupé. Most distinctive of all was the Atlantic, an art deco teardrop shape with riveted fins down the centre of the body and the wings, it was perhaps Jean Bugattis masterpiece but no more than four were built, all on the Type 57S chassis. Built by the Bugatti Factory between 1936 and 1938, the Type 57S model was a high-performance version of the 3.3 litre 8-cylinder Type 57. The S stands for ‘Surbaissé’ (French for lowered) and refers to the model’s lowered and short chassis.


The Bugatti Trust is an independent Charitable Trust whose objectives are to preserve and make available for study the works of Ettore Bugatti..

The Bugatti Trust was formed in 1987 by the late Hugh Conway supported by a small group of Bugatti enthusiasts. Hugh Conway was an acknowledged expert on Bugatti history and well known internationally through his books, other writings and personal contacts. His remarkable collection of period photographs, technical drawings, letters and articles form the basis of the Bugatti Trust archive which we continue to expand and develop.

Access to our archive was significantly enhanced in 1990 through the opening of our Prescott Visitor Centre (pictured above) by HRH the Duke of Edinburgh. Since then we have been able to put on display many examples of Ettore Bugatti’s work.

Our aim is to promote the works of Ettore Bugatti and to raise awareness of the importance of aesthetics and integrated design in engineering by his example.

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