Welcome to The Bugatti Trust

The Bugatti Trust is a Charitable Trust whose objectives are to preserve and make available for study the works of Ettore Bugatti.

Bugatti Rendezvous

The Trust is proud to display ‘Bugatti Rendezvous’ a painting by Philip E West depicting Bugatti’s 100P plane soaring over the heads of Ettore and De Monge and the famous Bugatti Atlantic.

The Bugatti Trust was formed in 1987 by the late Hugh Conway supported by a small group of Bugatti enthusiasts. Hugh Conway was an acknowledged expert on Bugatti history and well known internationally through his books, other writings and personal contacts. His remarkable collection of photographs, drawings, letters and articles form the basis of the Bugatti Trust archive which we continue to expand and develop.

Our aim is to promote the works of Ettore Bugatti and to raise awareness of the importance of aesthetics and integrated design in engineering by his example.

Bugatti Trust Leaflet

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