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NEW: Jean Bugatti 1929-1939, La décennie prodigieuse

With text in French and English, the new publication shown below is now available to purchase at The Bugatti Trust. I you would like to reserve/purchase a copy, please get in touch. The price is £95 plus post and packaging.

Who was Jean Bugatti? How did a young man of less than thirty years succeed in taking command of a company on the brink of bankruptcy during a turbulent period in France and Europe, in the shadow of an artist father who trusted only his own certainties?

Jean was nevertheless the creator of some of the greatest masterpieces in automotive design. Unfortunately, he was not long allowed to enjoy the life of a young designer admired by all the factory staff and Grand Prix drivers, with parties organised at the Hostellerie du Pur Sang after race victories and evenings spent in the clubs of the capital.

The economic crisis of the early 1930s marked the end of the golden age for Bugatti, as for all French builders and coachbuilders of extraordinary automobiles. However, there was a respite, thanks to Ettore’s success in the passenger car market.

Then came the turning point in 1936, when Ettore was forced to leave Molsheim and move to Paris, entrusting the car business to Jean. If Jean was absolutely ready to succeed his father in the creation of exceptional cars, what was the situation with the management of the Molsheim factory in the political and economic context of the second half of the 1930s?

Furthermore, Alsace was the region most exposed to German threats. The author believes that it is necessary to consider all this in order to understand the last years of Jean Bugatti, a man who gave his all in his passion for racing and prestige cars.

Not being a historian, but first and foremost an illustrator – observing and then drawing Jean Bugatti’s creations – he analyses his approach and tries to understand it. This valuable publication is the fruit of several years of work to illustrate a decade of masterpieces that, like their designer, have become legendary.

Jean Bugatti 1929 – 1939, La décennie prodigieuse has 289 pages, 40 full-page reproductions of drawings, and over 350 photos.


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