Bugatti Type 39 39A

Bugatti Type 39 39AGrand Prix

Identifying Features:
Identical with T35B or C

Years Made
(approx): 1926-29

Number Made:

No of cylinders: 8
Bore x stroke: 60 x 66mm (See Note)
Capacity: 1493cc
BHP (approx): 39: 80-90; 39A: 110-120
RPM Limit (prudent): 5500
Camshaft: sohc
Valves (per cylinder): 3
Camshaft drive: Front, bevel
Crankshaft bearings, No and Type: 3 + 1 ball, 2 roller, roller rods
Supercharger (Roots): 39A only
Carburettor: 1 Zenith
Ignition: Magneto
Plugs per cylinder: 1
Firing Order: 1, 6, 2, 7, 3, 8, 4, 5*

Type: Wet, multi-plate

Location: Central, Separate, 4-speed and reverse
Gear change lever: Outside, Top forward

Rear Axle:
Normal Ratio: 13/54 = 4.15

Wheelbase: 94.5in (2.4m)
Track: 47.25in (1.2m)
Weight (approx): 1650lb (750kg)

Location and Type: 4-wheel cable operated

Type: Cast, integral drum, detachable rim
Tyre size: original 28 x 4.95; modern fitment, 5.00 x 19

Crossbreeding with Other Types:
Apart from the crank throw, the same as T35C

NOTE: In 1925 Bugatti raced a number of 1.5-litre cars 52 x 88mm (1494cc); these are probably classified as T35, the genuine T39 having the short stroke crank. A few cars 51.3 x 66 (1092cc) were also produced

* This unusual firing order is correct for at least one car and is achieved by turning one half of the crankshaft through 180 degrees


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