Bugatti Type 35 35B 35C 35T

Bugatti Type 35 35B 35C 35TGrand Prix

Identifying Features:
2-seater GP body; alloy wheels, outside gear and brake levers; in-swept rear springs; supercharged models have hole high up in RH bonnet for relief valve exit. 35B, 35T have compression plate. All models have special oil feed pipe to front ball race

Years Made
(approx): 35 from 1924, others about 1926, until 1931

Number Made:
210 (90 supercharged), including T39

No of cylinders: 8
Bore x stroke: 35, 35C: 60 x 88mm; 35B, 35T: 60 x 100mm
Capacity: 1991cc, 2262cc
BHP (approx): 35: 90; 35C, 35B: 120-130
RPM Limit (prudent): 35, 35C: 5,500; 35B, 35T: 5,000
Camshaft: sohc
Valves (per cylinder): 3
Camshaft drive: Front, bevel
Crankshaft bearings, No and Type: 3 + 1 Ball, 2 roller, roller rods
Supercharger (Roots): 35C and 35B only
Carburettor: 35, 35T: 2 Solex; 35B, 35C, 1 Zenith
Ignition: Dash-mounted magneto
Plugs per cylinder: 1
Firing Order: 1, 5, 2, 6, 3, 7, 4, 8

Type: Wet, multi-plate

Location: Central, separate, 4-speed and reverse
Gear change lever: Outside, top forward

Rear Axle:
Normal Ratio: 15/54, 14/54, 13/54 = 3.6, 3.86, 4.15

Wheelbase: 94.5in (2.4m)
Track: 47.25in (1.2m)
Weight (approx): 1650lb (750kg)

Location and Type: 4-wheel cable operated

Type: Cast, integral drum, detachable rim
Tyre size: original: 710 x 90; modern fitment: 5.00 x 19

Crossbreeding with Other Types:
Chassis and body used on T37, 39 and 51


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