Type 57 Bugatti Engine on display

The Bugatti Trust has acquired a Type 57 Bugatti engine.

It was not complete and required a considerable amount of work to make it presentable. However it is now a valuable addition standing alongside earlier engines at the Trust.

Tpe 57 engineThe Trustees would still welcome any assistance to source the missing parts required to complete the display:-

1. An ignition tube
2. An original distributor and fittings (ours is a loan item and not correct)
3. A handbrake and shaft.

Your assistance is very much appreciated.

Tpe 57 engineNote: The engine is 3.3 litre 8 cylinders in line with twin overhead camshafts and was fitted to approximately 680 Type 57 Bugattis between 1934 and 1939. It was on this model that Ettore’s son Jean exerted his influence to a considerable extent, refining it and generally making it fit to compete on equal terms with the sophisticated vehicles of the middle 1930s. The engine design is also basically the same as that used on T59 Grand Prix model.


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