Bugatti Type 13 15 17 22 23

Bugatti 13-15-17-22-23 8 valve 13-15-17-22-23 8 valve8-valve Petit Pur Sang

Identifying features:
1910-12: semi-elliptic rear springs and six-sided radiator; 1913-14: squat oval radiator and quarter elliptic rear springs. Carburettor on right, exhaust on left.

Years made:
(approx): 1910-20

Number built:

No. of cylinders: 4
Bore x stroke: 65 x 100mm
Capacity: 1327cc
BHP (approx): 15 in 1910
RPM limit (prudent): 2500
Camshaft: sohc
Valves (per cylinder): 2
Camshaft drive: Front, bevel
Crankshaft bearings, No. and type: 1910-20, 3 plain
Carburettor: 1 Zenith
Ignition: Magneto
Plugs per cylinder: 1

Type: Wet, multi-plate

Location: Central, separate, 4-speed and reverse
Gear change lever: Right hand, Top forward

Rear Axle:
Normal Ratio: 14/48 = 3.44; 17/48 = 2.82


T13 Wheelbase: 2.0m 78.75in

T15 22 Wheelbase: 2.4m 94.5in

T17 23 Wheelbase: 2.55m 100.4in

Track: 45.3in (1.15m)
Chassis weight (approx): 900lb (400kg)

Location and Type: Foot, transmission; right hand, rear wheels

Type: Early cars, wood spokes, later wire
Tyre size: original T13 650 x 65; T22 700 x 85; T23 710 x 90

Crossbreeding with Other Types:
1913 Types 22 and 23 became 16-valve post-war versions and differed only in detail


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