Bugatti DVD Part I by H G Conway – £25.00

Bugatti DVD (PART ONE) by H G ConwayPart one (running time 70 minutes)

Postage & Packing: UK £4.00, Europe £5.00, USA/Rest of World £6.00

It provides a fresh and fascinating look into Ettore Bugatti, brilliant creator of the automobile considered by the motoring world to be one of its greatest jewels.

Part one of the definitive story by the internationally acknowledged authority and acclaimed author HG (Hugh) Conway was intended as the ultimate introduction to Ettore Bugatti and his extraordinary automotive creations illustrated with the largest collection of rare archive film. The original programme took three years to make and was published shortly before his death in 1989.

This updated version has been digitally re-mastered for DVD and includes a wealth of new archive footage and material that has come to light since the original production.

Plus rare fully restored 1923 silent Bugatti Factory film (19 minutes)

Contents (part one)

Early Days -The Family
Prinetti & Stucchi
Gulinelli Car
De Dietrich
Mathis Deutz
Type 10 ‘Petit Pur Sang ’; prototype
Type 19 Baby Peugeot car (built under licence)
Type 18 ‘Garros ’ (‘Black Bess ’)racing car -5 litre
Type 13 16 valve car (‘Brescia ’)
Type 28 Prototype passenger car
Type 30 Passenger car -2 litre
Type 32 ‘Tank ’ racing car
Type 35 GP racing car
Type 35A ‘Course Imitation’ car (‘Tecla ’)
Type 37 GP racing car -4 cylinder
Type 40 Passenger car -4 cylinder
Type 35T GP racing car -2.3.litres unsupercharged
Type 35B GP racing car -2.3.litres supercharged

PLUS ‘Comment on Fabrique Une Automobile Rapide ” restored 1923 Silent film


How to Order

Order Part 1 & Part 2 together
For £40 + Post and packing

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